Prof. Heesen lecturing in India

In November, Prof. Dr. Heesen has again visited the renowned Anna University in Chennai/India. The picture below shows him during his visit in Chennai at the Department of Management Sciences with the Director of the Centre for International Affairs, Dr. Azad, the Head of department, Prof. Dr. Rajendran, Prof. Dr. Jacobs as well as participants of the courses.

Prof. Heesen conducted two workshops at the Centre For Distance Education at Anna University:

- Big Data Analytics

- Research Paper Writing - APA Style

Anna University


Book recommendation:

Dealing with dilemmas

Frank Buytendijk describes six dilemmas which can be found in any business (p. 41ff): Value or profit, listen or lead, inside-out or outside-in, long-term or short-term, top-down or bottom-up and optimize or innovate.

This creative foundation allows the author to provide examples of conflict of interest in organizations, some of which the readers might have experienced themselves without understanding the cause at the time. The book helps to develop an understanding for the different perspectives of the involved actors. The essence of these dilemmas is the understanding "You cannot have it all" but decision makers need to find the appropriate balance. The book helps to develop an appreciation for the complexity of strategic management.

Additional information from the author is available at