Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben

This German book explains quality criteria for academic publications, the development process for writing successfully, academic integrity and ethics.

The free template Thesis helps students to get a kick-start and supports a consistent formatting. It already containing a title page, table of contents, list of figures and tables, list of references, statutory declaration.

Simple to follow instructions how to use Microsoft Word (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Word 365) to manage references, sources, insert quotations and all relevant aspects of proper academic writing help students to save time and increase quality.
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Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben

Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben


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Book recommendation:

CIO best practices

CIO Best Practices: Enabling Strategic Value with Information Technology

Editor Joe Stenzel has brought together a group of experts to contribute their perspectives on CIO Best Practices. Michael Hugos talks about "Harnessing IT to Drive Enterprise Strategy", Paul Niven presents "IT Performance Management using the Balanced Scorecard", and Gary Cokins writes about "How to measure and manage customer value and customer profitability" just to mention a few of the contributors.

One of the knowledge nuggets of this book which I liked best was the topic of balancing shareholder value with customer value (p. 260-267). At the core are the questions "How much should we spend attracting, retaining, growing, or recovering each targeted customer segment? and "What impact do I get by spending an extra dollar or Euro on each customer or by reducing that planned spending by an exra dollar or Euro?". The KPI of customer loyalty is an important ingredience because the degree of loyalty directly influences the amount of spending that may be required to retain the customer. Gokins develops a chart based on the two dimensions customer value (high ... low) and churn score (loyal ... not loyal) which helps to decide about the appropriate amount of spending. The controllable variable in this case is spending.