University partners with CRM consulting partner maihiro

Maihiro signs sponsorship agreement. In the partnership agreement with maihiro, an SAP Special Expertise Partner in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), both parties agree to collaborate in the development of a CRM curriculum.

Information about maihiro can be found at A video portrait of maihiro is available at

maihiro GmbH

The cooperation was announced on January 27th 2009 (Press Article, SAP Info note). The picture below shows the course participants together with their instructors from right Bernd Heesen (Ansbach University), Timo Simon and Marcus Hilmer (maihiro). The successful completion of the first course was covered in a Press Article on July 28th 2009.


The curriculum concept will be presented by Professor Heesen, Marcus Hilmer and Timo Simon at the MKWI 2010 conference (multi conference information systems) at the University in Göttingen from February 23rd to February 25th 2010. 

Book recommendation:

Competing on analytics

Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris stress the fact that "for companies to sustain a competitive advantage, analytics must be applied judiciously, executed well, and continually renewed" (p. 48). Ideally analytical capabilites should be hard to duplicate, unique, adaptable to many situations, better than the competion and renewable. While analytics are quite powerful the authors leave no doubt that there are still limitations, e.g. "even when fully automating a decision process is possible, fiduciary, legal, or ethical issues may still require a responsible person to play an active role" (p. 151).

In chapter 4 the authors provide many useful examples how competing on analytics applies to financial, manufacturing, R&D, and human resource applications and processes. In the second part of their book they explain how to establish "Analytical Capability" without getting too technical, e.g. explaining the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) process or data warehousing details.