Business Intelligence Curriculum developed by Prof. Heesen

Professor Heesen was invited by SAP to form part of a global project team to develop a Business Intelligence curriculum.  This curriculum is now available to over 800 universities throughout the world which are a part of the SAP University Alliance Program. The other members of the global team were the professors: Lorraine Gardiner (California State University Chico/USA), Peter Lehmann (HDM Stuttgart), Klaus Freyburger (FH Ludwigshafen), Paul Hawking and Robert Jovanovic (Victoria University/Australia).

2009 SAP UA Curriculum CongressTo facilitate the adoption of the new curriculum, Professor Heesen was invited to teach faculty workshops in Atlanta (March 2008) and Chico/California (August 2008) presenting the newly developed curriculum to professors from North America. At the SAP University Alliances Curriculum Congress in Charlotte/NC (March 2009) about 50 faculty members from North America participated in the BI workshop. Business Intelligence seems a topic of high relevance for business students as well as MIS students. Because of the modular design of the course it can be used for undergraduate as well as graduate courses.

In November 2009 Professor Heesen conducted the first Online Workshop (Webinar using Adobe Connect) for faculty. The recordings of the webinar (3 x 1 hour) are available via the SAP Collaboration Workplace (see link below). The 24/7 availability of these instructions how to use the curriculum materials is meant to facilitate an easy adoption in all regions.

Additional information:

  • Interview with Professor Heesen and other team members published in SAP INFO (March 2008) on the topic of "Trends in Data Analysis: A Job for the Intelligence Services" (link to article
  • SAP and Business Objects Reported by Analyst Firm as Market Leader in Two Major Segments of Enterprise Performance Management (link to article)

The materials are available for members of the SAP University Alliance. Professors with interest in the course documents (slides with exercises) are able to download them on the faculty collaboration workspace from SAP at the website in the section "Business Intelligence".