Big Data - Innovation adoption

In April 2015, Prof. Heesen gave a presentation on "Big Data Management - Status Quo of the innovation adoption!".

Big Data Lab Conference

Big Data Lab Conference

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Book recommendation:

The new know

The book from Thornton May "The new know: Innovation powered by analytics" visualizes the essentials of analytics well on the cover: Analytics or IT-Solutions can only contribute to an improved performance to the extent that a brain is used to correctly interpret the information provided and use it for improved decision making.

He uses many good examples in his book how analytics contributed to improve organizational effectiveness. One example he mentions is Wendy's. They used predictive analytics to better estimate food and labor demand. To support their hamburger built-to-order process they originally used data from the past six weeks as the foundation for their forecast, without reflecting the details of the specific product mix. After implementing a data warehouse in 2001 they were able to leverage a two year history of data as the foundation for their forecasting in 1.300 stores. They were able to predict demand by product mix per half hour with an accuracy of 95%. It improved their resource utilization significantly. Many such stories make this book a good read!