Application Development

The Learning objective is to get familiar with development environments utilized for Big Data Analytics as well as ERP Systems.

Students learn the programming language R and Python for Big Data Analytics.

Students also learn the programming language ABAP Objects which is used by more than one million software developers in the SAP ecosystem. The topics covered include:

  • ABAP Workbench Overview (Object Navigator, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Function Builder ...)
  • Correction and Transport System 
  • Basic ABAP Statements (e.g. Types, Value Assignment, Control Statements, Modularization...)
  • Dialog Programming (e.g. Lists, Selection Screens, User Messages, Screens, Menus...)
  • Open SQL, Internal Tables, Transaction Concept
  • Interface Development (e.g. BAPIs, Calls from Java...)
  • Data Dictionary and Data Modeler
  • Authorization Management
  • Computer Aided Testing Tool

The exercises are performed using an SAP ECC 6.0 system.